Mon 14/02/2011, 15:36 CET
nothing to see here

-- cavey
exercise and things thought lost
Wed 03/03/2010, 09:28 CET

Ok, so I had a shortish talk about me needing some more exercise and the suggestion of just using the stairs instead of the elevator at work to get up to and down from the working floor.

Man, did I feel my thighs last night! Heh smile Probably a good thing. And that only from 7 flights of stairs, man, I'm seriously out of shape.

Found some nice information over here Take the stairs

Now what about the things thought to be lost? Well, I've been looking for this CD I have, with a collection of MP3's from back in the days (1996-1997 to be more precise). Anyone still remember this MTV Braun's European Top 20?

Anyways, collection of 1996-1997. It has some baaaaaaaaad music of the 90's. Bad in a good way puh2

Oh well, turns out I did put it back in the jewel case, whereas I thought I had left it in some mp3-cd player thingie, removed it, misplaced it. I could have sworn I had looked in the jewel case a couple of times. Oh well, good thing I just did that again last night.

Now of to listen to some bad ass 90's music.

Captain Jack, Aqua Girl, Spice Girls, and other weird stuff.

Oh, correction, I'll first be listening to some old mods smile

-- cavey
Almost there
Fri 31/07/2009, 16:10 CEST

My site is a crawling piece of rubbish right now. Can't be arsed to fix it/patch it (well, maybe I might do some new developing orso, dunno).

Main problem: My hostingprovider does not allow outbound connections through php, thus slowing down everything to a crawl. I used to fetch some rss-feeds for and and parse it into some column on the rigth-hand side... but alas, this no longer works. Maybe I should just disable it to kick up the loading speed of this page again.

Anyways, almost there I say. There where? Well, just a couple of more days and I'll be having some holidays and on to a new adventure. Quit my job, and looking forward to the future.

Yeah.. oh well, not that anybody is actually still reading this site. Might as well just trash it and create something new out of it biggrin Like a proper CMS perhaps. Or some new CSS/layout. This obviously sucks.


-- cavey
Cyanide & Happiness
Thu 30/10/2008, 12:40 CET

Cyanide & Happiness @

strange but funny comics they have!

-- cavey
spam mail
Fri 15/08/2008, 14:26 CEST
Once in a while I have to update my site, with some ramblings orso....

Today I got a nice spammail with the following body:

Hoi. Mijn naam is Natalia. Ik eenzame meisje zonder schadelijke gewoonten. ik 29 jaar. Ik zoek een man van 32 jaar voor ernstige relaties. mijn e-mail: het gemakkelijker voor mij. Ik kan sturen brief en de foto elkaar. Natalia

It's in dutch, but darn! She's looking for ERNSTIGE relaties!

Ernstig huge grin

Don't you just love online translators? huge grin

-- cavey
once in a while...
Sat 14/06/2008, 12:51 CEST
you stumble across something quite amazing.

James Houston did this amazing thing with the song "Nude" by Radiohead:

Big Ideas (don't get any)

-- cavey
My mini city
Thu 01/05/2008, 14:50 CEST
Visit this link and give me more inhabitants biggrin

cavey's my mini city

huge grin

-- cavey
new casa
Tue 04/12/2007, 00:28 CET

just slowly starting to get used to my own little place... haven't moved all my stuff yet, but getting there. Hovering between two places is rather crappy. Oh well huge grin

-- cavey
visited countries of the world
Thu 26/07/2007, 21:35 CEST
Ah, way back in 2005 I already posted something similar...

now I just updated the countries a bit.

Not too many have been added, just Spain and Hungary puh2

Went to Finland and Sweden too often (although that is a debatable subject, especially Finland...)

-- cavey
debian 4.0 / gnome
Tue 10/07/2007, 22:21 CEST

couple of weeks ago i made the transition from windowmaker to using a full fledged gnome desktop. So far, not disappointed at all. Sometimes the WM (metacity) acts a bit sluggish, but overall, I can get around quite ok.

Yeah, I'm getting lazy puh2 by moving from windowmaker to gnome, some stuff gets easier using the gui. Still figuring out how the keyboard can be used more optimally (like, keyboard combos to fire up programs.. is about all i need right now..... desktop switching turned out to be a breeze)

oh yeah, this is just some lame filler message, haven't really felt like updating this page.

-- cavey



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