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back again
Thu 09/01/2003, 12:22 CET
well, back in Turku again.

After 12 hours of travel there abouts.

Started quite funny. Packed my stuff on Tuesday evening, went to bed round 00:00.. couldn't sleep, so I read some stuff. Had my alarm clock set at 04:45, as I wasn't quite sure how much in advance I'd have to check in at Zaventem and my plane would leave at 09:25...
Well, bad night, really bad night, was just having too many things on my mind, most of them concerning a re-unition with my girlfriend... So I finally managed to fall asleep, only to be waken up by the alarm on my clock. Must have hit the wrong butten because I switched off the alarm to awake one hour later.... *OOPS*. I virtually had to be in the CAR by then.

Well, managed to get dressed and shaved in 10 minutes.. gulped down my tea, got in the car, my mom packed me some breakfast, thank you very much!

Turned out you only have to check-in at Zaventem 30 minutes before boarding time starts. Ah well, guess they're not so strict as in Schiphol... 2 hours in advance for continental flights, 3 ours for intercontinental...

Well, plane trip quite uneventfull, on the descent-approach my ears were hurting big time cause I caught a cold last week after the new year celebrations...

Uneventfull traintrip... and saw T. at the trainstation! Whoo! My heart lurched a bit. Was so happy. Hugging each other with a big backpack on my back didn't really work out that well. hehe, didn't want to kiss her though for fear of well, giving her the cold too, ah well, got over that bit a while later.

Went home to dump my stuff, met E. at the bus-stop, crazy guy smile The three of us had some dinner and then I went to T's home...

Ah, one more thing, it was lovely sitting in the bus from Vantaa to Helsinki. Everything looked so peacefull and white (well, it had been freezing big time last 2 weeks, and some snowfall past couple of days). Missed Finland and it's people.

-- cavey



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