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Thu 16/01/2003, 15:08 CET

Went to see Kwan with T, S, E, M, V and the rest of T's gang. The band was great once again, but darn, it was just soooooooooo busy in Börs. It was TOO busy.

Too many ppl shuffling around for space that wasn't there. Some girl poking in my back, I started poking back. After a while the same girl and a girlfriend of her's started to be REALLY pushy, gave them a dirty look and this girlfriend broke off in a cascade of words. I had NOOOOOO idea what she was talking about, but it was surely nothing too good. Since it was quite an angry tone and had to do with her "ystäväni", or friend in plain english. So I just looked at her, blinking... "Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about, it has something to do with friend. but furthermore?" ...
She then figured out I wasn't finnish and went from accusation mode into friendly mode "ooh! Sorry, but well, you see, it's so busy here, and well, you kept bumping into my friend here (YEAH RIGHT! She started bumping me away.. beeyotch) and blablablabla.. where you from? Have a nice time! And oh sorry, but it's just so busy". Yeah whatever huge grin

But it was too darn busy, too many ppl in a concentrated spot. I've seen Kwan before, that was in Säätämö, but somehow that venue attracts a whole different type of clientele. More hmm, mature. There were just toooooooo many "kids" out there. Blegh. Oh, and all those weird ppl I don't want to know, they remind me too much of the slick party scene in Holland. R'n'B, Trance.. brrrr.. just the wrong kinda style for me. Säätämö was better. Better sound system (not too much trebble, no resonating bass, you could actually hear the lyrics there most of the time too), and not so crowded, or at least, the people had a more relaxed attitude towards the crowdedness. More respect.

ah.. hmm well, nuff ramblings, gotta rush on again... the IAC changed the floorball schedule. It's now actually at 18:00 instead of 19:00... To give us an extra hour (?) for the sauna + swimmingpool afterwards. But but!!!


-- cavey



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