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sauna party 2
Fri 24/01/2003, 11:36 CET

last wednesday I had a small saunaparty. Actually it was H. class party, but since the partyplace is only rentable by Halinen residents, H. turned to me to rent the place.

Well, the sauna was ok, the party.. hmm.. well, didn't really connect that well with the ppl there. Can't blame them. I mean, 3 unknown guys sitting in between a lot of girls and 3 other guys who have all been in the same class for a couple of years. Ah well.. doesn't matter huge grin

I was a bit tired then, so I kinda shut up. The sauna was over a 100 degrees, according to the thermometer, although I seriously doubt that. It was probably closer to 90 degrees. But good and warm nonetheless.

Round half past ten we cleared up the party place and most of the group went on to town for some more drinks. I just went home and straight to bed. Slept like a baby, only to wake up 7 hours later to my alarm clock. Oh baby baby huge grin

-- cavey



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