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Bon voyage Eddepet
Mon 27/01/2003, 14:45 CET
Well, that was the first in probably a lot of others to come (and me inclusive). What you may wonder? A farewell party.

Yes, my buddy'n'partner in crime E. has left the country last sunday. To "celebrate" he gave a party last Friday. First me and T. got some sauna time while E. was cooking for us. Then T.P joined us just in time for dinner. Great moat of salmon, potato purree and some carrots.

The party was very nice. Lots of people. After awhile a couple of them left for a pub in town. But quite a large group stayed till the like, 1am. We then went on to the city center by foot, taking great care not to slip on the slippery roads. Thaw + trampled snow makes for icy roads.

Well, we wanted to get into Kino, but for some stupid reason "too drunk" E. wasn't allowed to go in by the bouncer. Ah well, so we went to Dynamo. On the way I got a phonecall from K.

K: "Aren't you coming?"
C: "no we can't, sorry.. bouncer won't let us in..."
K: "But F got in and he's so drunk!"
<someoneshouting> "I'm sooooooo fuckin drunk!!! wheeeeee whooooooooooooo"

so that was pretty stupid. Totally drunk guy got in, sober guy wasn't allowed to get in cause he was too drunk. Uh-huh... well, revenge next day though huge grin

So, we went to Dynamo, stayed there till closing time. F. came along too (dunno, he got kicked out of kino or..? he couldn't tell.. too drunk. hehehe) and we had a lot of fun.

Afterwards we went to a small afterparty at K's (another K) place and played some truth or dare... only catch was, there was no dare.. just truth.

Well, all in all, nice farewell party from E., and the time I was home befits such a party. Only thing is, M. woke me up with a phonecall 11am. DOH.

-- cavey



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