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saturday fun
Fri 31/01/2003, 11:39 CET
Ah, a new update.

The saturday following E's farewell party was quite hectic.. Woke up 11am because M. called me up. He needed T.'s phone number because he had some cheap mobile phones for the spanish girls. So, I sent him her number.

Slept for another 45 minutes till my alarm clock woke me up. Rushed into the shower, headed out into the town. Passed by the library, renewed my books. Checked my email, bought a birthday present for K and rushed home again. Fired up the oven, finished the leftover stuff I still had, roasted some peanuts in the oven and took a bunch of them along in a plastic bag to, the city center.

There I was standing at the corner of the H&M awaiting T. with her little brother J. and little sister L. We were going to an icehockey match:


Was great fun! J. was waving his TPS flag all the time, shouting, cheering and yelling "TPS TPS TPS" all the time. I tried my best too, but hmm.. our corner was a bit quiet. The guy sitting next to me kept on rambling on about "tu!!! tana!! kele!" (the eh, shorthand not so offensive forms of their respective finnish swear words).. so that was pretty annoying. Good thing he/they didn't come back after the 2nd period.

TPS won with 3-0, but apparently they haven't been performing that well all season and it remains to be seen whether they'll reach the play-offs.

After the game T. and my road split up again. She had to take care of her little brother and sister and well, I was left to my own for a bit. I went home and grabbed my stuff for K's birthday party. Arrived there round 10pm, a bit late, looked like most of the people had left already, but I couldn't be bothered. I came there for K. and she was still there. So all was well huge grin
The people who were still there were great people! Had loads of fun, albeit a bit short. Just one and a half hour. Ah well, can't be helped. We went to the city center by bus. Once there we headed over to Kino. It was surprisingly fun in there. Guess it really does matter with what kind of crowd you're hanging out with. Had a great time downstairs, and we (E., K. (other K), and me) left round 3am. Went to E.'s place for a small afterparty. We stopped at a Hesburger and ordered some hamburgers there, while waiting for T. and T. to catch us there, after we had to split our ways at Kino. On the way to the house E. and me found a trafficsignpost-bent-over-by-some-car on the road, we bent it a bit more so it would let go and planted it in a snowheap near E.'s place. Should check if it's still there and if so take it home. hehehe, students remain students huge grin

Well, the afterparty was quite short as I laid my head on the kitchentable and fell asleep almost immedeatly. So just after 30 minutes everybody decided it was time to go home.

I came home and fell asleep... had to wake up early again (well, 12am huge grin) for a busy sunday...

-- cavey



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