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Mon 03/02/2003, 14:34 CET
ok, this is like, a week ago already, been a bit busy trying to find things to say, haha, no.. don't know, Just not updating enough.

Anyways, last week sunday I went to M&L's place together with T. to bake some "real dutch" pancakes.

It was a VERY busy day actually that sunday. Woke up in a rush at 12 in the afternoon, rushed over to the ruokavarasto to buy some milk and bacon for the pancakes. Rushed home, fired up the oven, split my laundry... went over to the laundry room to put in the first load of laundry. Rushed back home, fired up the oven and started roasting some more peanuts (jummy vork should really check up on a recipe with salted peanuts I think... huge grin )

Well, after the first load I put in the second load. When I came back to clear up the second load some stupid student (RAAAAAAAAAAAAAH) had taken out my clothings DURING MY OWN TIMESLOT to start his/her own laundry! (Judging by the type of underwear I could discern through the glass it was a girl). RAAAAAH! STAY OUT OF MY TIMESLOTS!

Darn it.. Totally made me ticked of a bit. Specially since it was just quarter to four or something. GRrrr.. not even the decency to wait till 4 o'clock. Probably very used that a student only does 1 wash load or smth so the remaining hour of the 2 hour timeslot is "empty machine". Grmbl. If only I'd been there a bit earlier I could've caught the person in the act or smth and raise hell. Sigh.

Anyways, after I hung up my poor bedraggled clothing *cough* and put the machine-dried stuff in my bag, T and me went over to M&L to bake some pancakes.

Mad skillz huge grin Was a great evening. Lovely pancakes, although I think the battetr was a bit too thick. AH well, something for the next time I guess smile

-- cavey



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