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*gasp* update!
Wed 12/02/2003, 15:45 CET
Ah, finally.

Weekend in Helsinki. Well, couple of weeks ago already, to be a bit more specific 31st of January till 2nd of February, T and me went to Helsinki for the weekend.

We spent the friday evening at T's sister P. She has a really nice little place in what used to be the old center of Helsinki (or so I've been told by reliable sources huge grin). After having some dinner, we went to the central station to meet up with E, a girlfriend of T from Hotel Kämp where T used to work too before she started studying in Turku.

Anyways, we headed over to a bar called "Belke" (finnish proncounciation sort of). I had totally no idea untill I saw the door signs... A Belgian cafe! Whoo!!! Finally some REAL beer.. unfortunately, for real prices too clown € 4,50 for a Hoegaarden.. oooooh sigh, the horrors.. But at least it tasted good huge grin

After that we went back to P's place and slept away the fridaynight.
Woke up on saturday morning, took it quite slowly all, packed up our stuff, cleaned up whatever mess we had made of the guest room and left for the hotel to check in.

After checking in we checked out the hotelroom (ofcourse) and it was a VERY luxurious room (at least, compared to what I know from hotel rooms huge grin).

We then headed out for the city, had lunch with some friends of mine, did some shopping (time really flies :\ ) and then had to go back to the hotel again. Enjoyed a really great dinner, but since it followed the lunch so quickly we were both quite full.

With a full belly we went to the room again, only to find a nice small bottle of red wine waiting for us and the bed made up for sleeping. Ah, we switched on the TV and filled up the bath with hot water...

Next day we went walking around the town and had some lunch at a malaysian/chinese restaurant. Really good lunch!!!

Well, all-in-all, had a great fun time in Helsinki, just a bid of strange planning so that with all the extra shopping time gained by going to Helsinki on friday already... nothing of it was left by the end of the day.

We did manage to buy something though huge grin

-- cavey



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