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sledding fun
Fri 14/02/2003, 15:05 CET

Wednesday the 5th of february was a great day.
Went out sledding with a whole bunch of international students an the IAC in Hirvensalo.

We did some crazy stuff on the sleds, like going down with 2 people on one disc (too lazy to find an image.. it was good anyways biggrin) or with 2 or even 3 people in a 'normal' sled.

M. and I even managed to wreck someone's nice red sled. hahaha.. couldn't stand our weight and the abuse it got from some ice-outcropping which we tried to jump (read: get launched over) over.
When we got up and looked at the sled we were like "WTF?! hahaha it broke? whahahahaha!!!"

With F. we did some crazy shit too, almost managed to run into some trees.. haha, a little while later we repeated that little feat again with the aid of A. This time we not only barely managed to avoid the trees, we were also so far "offtrack" that people had to jump out of our way who were climbing up the hill. Hahahaha... oooh we had so much fun but the falling hurted sooo much. hahaha...

Ah, great fun I had too with K. While T, E and A were getting inside the little "koek en zopie" hut to try to get the spanish girls try the sledding too, I tried to get K on my shoulders. She was standing on this log-like thing in front of the fire, unfortunately she turned around while I was trying to surprise her and then S pushed her over my head.

Result? Legs sticking out in front, head swinging on my back and a screaming for murder K. huge grin
Later the girls came back from convincing the spanish girls to try sledding too. I was also in the process of putting K back on her feet again, but she immedeately started splashing snow in my face, or at least tried to soooo, we had some snow wrestling. I was just about to get up again (while she was lying on my back) when M apparently (I didn't see.. just felt the result) jumped ontop of us. Then E, T and A came around and splashed some snow in my face. Booh! 4 girls a guy against 1 guy. boohoo.

There were also a small competition, end result: MY group won. Whee!! We ownzors.

ahem, after that I went together with M and K to M's place for some much needed sauna.

T. didn't feel to great at that time, but still she went on with her girlfriends to Club 57. The sauna at M's place was really good. But a little cramped for 5 people to sit there. Shower with 4 people is something else too. ahem.

In the end the group at M's place first went to some bar around the corner while I went to Club 57 to pick up T.

-- cavey



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