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fun at prima
Fri 14/02/2003, 15:10 CET
real world date: 6th of february.
location: prima

Well, after the usual floorball activities on thursday, I went with the group to Prima. First we needed some food though, since M and I hadn't had anything for dinner at all yet.

So, first stop was Hesburger huge grin and after that we went to Amarillo for some beer. Took me quite long to finnish my beer, so M, T and K were getting a bit anxious about going and kept looking supsiciously at my glass of beer. So, I did my best to swallow it down and pack up. Cavey good to go!

In Prima we met up with the spanish girls. Great fun time. There was some strange dancing competition, which one of the spanish girls won (yeah! Big power to the exchange student massive!)

Can't really tell much about the evening, except that we had to fit in 7 people into M's car. Luckily I got to sit in front... but had to take someone on my lap to fit everyone in (4 girls in the back, M at the driving wheel, me in the passenger seat..). Good thing O. is very light!

So, we, or actually M, drove to Ritzinkuja. Let out all the girls in the back, but O. had to be at some other building, so she was dropped off there. M. then dropped me of in the middle of the street in Halinen. Grin.

But it was great, although a tad-bit late... Oh well huge grin

Was a fun evening!

-- cavey



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