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little party at K
Tue 18/02/2003, 15:56 CET
well, yeah, just a really short party. T was still feeling quite badly (cold/flu) and I was rather tired (how surprising).

It was a nice party though smile Had a nice talk, some booze (what was in that punch?!). F managed to "irritate" K just enough for her to bite him in his arm, since I was carrying around the companies 7650 camera phone, I took a snapshot of it.

looks quite nasty eh? huge grin

Ah well, he seems to have survived it. I left quite early (round half past eleven) to catch the almost last bus back to T. Ran like a madman to the busstop, scared some poor girl on the way too... sorry about that, but quite understandable. Middle of the night, some lonely road, some guy coming running up from behind... SORRY.

On saturday I went to Helsinki alone. T had to go to the IAC introduction party in Hotel Caribia while I was going to True Playaz Night organised by Double F in Tavastia.

First I met up with Knetti at the central station of Helsinki. There in the Pullman bar we waited for some other people to arrive. After that we took the metro to Vuosaari where we were picked up by car. Was a great party, I took some pictures too.

The drum'n'bass night was pretty amazing too huge grin Spent most of the time backstage though clown hehe, but I did dance alot.

After the party Champagne, Physics, Harha, Dharma and me went for some kebab in some weird place. Before we went there, I lost them inside the club. I was waiting for them, as they went backstage to find Physics ... but after 15 minutes they still weren't there. By then a bouncer was making it clear to me I had to start thinking of leaving, so I pleaded "Well, you see, I'm waiting for some friends. They went backstage couple of minutes ago".


Some guy from backstage showed up "hey, you waiting for someone?" "Yeah, they went backstage just now..." "ooh ok... just follow me then". Once backstage: no C, P, H and D! Oh no! So I phoned them... they were already at the kebab place. Hahaha, sigh. C told me "hey man! haha we were just wondering, where's cavey?". Great huge grin They forgot about me. hahaha. So I walked over to the place, ordered a kebab (I was kinda ravenous by that time) and sat down. P came in with a bottle of booze. When the dude behind the counter brought me my kebab he was like "hey, we don't serve this here.. is it yours?" "hell no!"

So P was kindly asked to remove himself from the premises. gheh, sigh :-\

Afterwards we walked for some time to P's place, but everyone was so tired they almost all fell asleep. Me included, so I turned over to D and said "hey man, you want to go?" "yeah".

So we left P's place and headed over to D's place where a guestbed was waiting for me... aaah.. bliss.

Woke up round 4pm. hehe.

After getting back to turku, a bit later than I had envisaged... I went straight to home, grabbed some stuff to make pancakes and headed over to T. Who was feeling quite abit better.

There I made some pancakes and we had a full belly at the end.

-- cavey



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