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Jimi Tenor
Fri 21/02/2003, 09:57 CET
ah, went to see Jimi Tenor in Säätämö on wednesday the 12th. Was quite amazed. I sort of heard first of Jimi way back in '95 or '96. Electronic-mish-mash of some hip-hoppy beats. Whatever, I'm bad at this pigeon-holing.

Anyways, I was kinda expecting a minimalistic setup (even though the flyer mentioned something about "big band"wink. I had no idea. Turned out he showed up with indeed, a bigband! So loads of jazzy spiced up influences there. NICE NICE NICE!!! I especially liked the new arrangment of well, one of the only songs I knew from Jimi at the time: Sugardaddy (I'm only in it for the dollar bills, and I like it somehow... tu-tut-tut-tut... )

Well, it was an amazing concert, really happy I went there. Although I was feeling a bit sleepy (having had sauna before I went to the concert. Bad combo).

Walked back home over the frozen Aurajoki. All the way home! A stretch of a couple of kilometers. So nice huge grin

-- cavey



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