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Valentine's weekend
Fri 21/02/2003, 16:23 CET

now, what would be nicer than to spend the evening with your girlfriend, having a romantic dinner with some nice red wine to boost things up?

Right, practically nothing eh? Ah well, my romantic plans kinda fell into the water due to some hmm, creative planning of the IAC.

At first I was a bit very annoyed, but well... Managed to get over it (hey, annoyance also due to being a bit tired... what else is new?).

So, it was bowling time with the IAC, great fun! I even managed to wake up and all huge grin All my romantic plans had been postponed to the next day. Any day should be good enough for romantic things to do, not just valentine's day BECAUSE it's valentine's day. Once I realized that it all went uphill from there.

So, well, M and I got beaten by T... darn it. She's good at bowling! Or M and me just suck... who knows? huge grin

After that we went to some new IAC member's houseparty, but not after visiting some restaurant, we were kinda starving. So, the party was quite nice, we played some Meier (or however it's spelled. Nice dice-game.. probably also known as bluf-poker.. only with 2 dice instead of the usual 5), drank some more stuff and after awhile people started to get anxious about getting into town... but no one actually took some action.

Well, I finally just went and put on my coat and behold, everyone else soon followed suit huge grin

We went to Kino, but most of the group took the last bus back home (round 2.30).

Next morning, well ok, afternoon, I took it upon my task to make some nice breakfast. My ingredients were:
- eggs
- some milk
- salt & pepper
- strawberry jam
- small buns to be finished baking in the oven.

So I set out to make some scrambled eggs, hot bread from the oven and some strawberry jam to complete the nice breakfast.

The whole day we spent lazily inside, although the weather was great.. but somehow we lacked the energy. Then it was time for dinner. We went to the Spar and bought the necessary ingredients, and also ingredients for breakfast. Ah, it was so nice huge grin

Simple pasta with bolognese sauce, bottle of red wine, dimmed lights... great setting huge grin Desert was great too. Bananas from the oven, sprinkled with brown sugar (after removing the skin ofcourse) and ice cream.

After dinner we went to M, D and M's farewell party. It was a nice party, sauna included, but we both feared that taking sauna would be a bad idea. We'd just fall asleep after that. Now that wouldn't be too nice eh? Good thing the party was close to T's place, so we could just walk it.

So much for last weekend.

-- cavey



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