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no niin
Mon 24/02/2003, 15:18 CET
To bring things up to steam a bit. Didn't really do much last week.

Cleaned up my room a bit. The room was indeed very much in need of a clean up huge grin Looks quite ok again. Finally.

Did some laundry on tuesday, managed to get to some weird dating-night in this club called Marylin. We (my tutor and me) left quite early though... since it wasn't that interesting.

Wednesday I played some floorball with the people from wy work place, afterwards I took a dive in the pool. Managed to swim the stretch up'n'down underwater -A whopping 32 meters under water. whoooo, now ain't I good? clown -.

Thursday it was the usual IAC floorball evening, or so we thought. Turned out the place was closed anyways even though we had the time reserved. But no key means no access. Ah well, some of us went and ate some pizza and then left for home. Myself, after the pizza I went to this little place called Ribs, to watch and listen to some jazz.
Nice quartet I think it was, playing some 'modern jazz' (well, it sounded great to me which is enough for me. I could make out from the words in between, that they were playing some work from John Coltrane and others).

Friday I cooked some dinner and picked up T from the trainstation. After dinner we went to a party nextdoor. From there we went to Kino (free entrance party bar on friday's.. € 6 on saturday's...). Took a cab home.

Saturday... ah, not so much there either. Went to the library with T, did some clothes shopping, or actually T did most of the shopping. I just got strange looks from the dress-room waiting lady when I walked around with women clothing wink

Before we went back to my place to pick up T's bag, we went to Kinopalatsi to buy some tickets for the movie "Catch me if you can". Quite a nice movie! Although a bit rushed frown Spielberg should put some more time in the small details.

Sunday, went to wax my snowboard at my tutor his parents place. Met the family, had lunch there. Really friendly people. Played around with M's dog, she's a funny beast, australian shepherd.

Well, my board is waxed up big time, can't wait to test it out.

-- cavey



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