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Lapland trip
Tue 11/03/2003, 14:40 CET

back from a week in Lapland. It was great, just absolutely great. Almost shot 3 rolls of film, still have like, 4 shots left on one roll... so I'll be developing about 27 pictures pretty soon.

Short synopsis:
We left on Thursday evening, the 4th of March, 9pm. Arrived at Rovaniemi round 10am next day. Had lunch at the Lappish University. Afterwards went to see the Artik Museum, Arctic Circle + Santa Claus Village (and like a true tourist, I bought a certificate.. in dutch, stating that I've officially crossed the arctic circle) and then drove on to the cottage in Luosto.

We did some fun games on the way and during the whole week, as part of a team effort competition thingy. Best team would win some special prize huge grin

Can tell you already, team Squirrels won.. and I was part of team Squirrels huge grin booyaaaaaaah!

Anyways, since we were all kinda sauna crazy, we went straight into sauna after dinner... and did some crazy stuff. Like running outside around the cottage (which was huuuuuuge.. so in the end we were kinda like... when.. hurt.. stop... sauna.. where? almost there? aargh my feet/legs/whatever... snow. cold. freezing.. hot sauna now need! uuurgh), jumping into deepsnow (which was all iced up --> full of scratches we were).

Thursday we went downhillskiing/snowboarding in Pyhä and after dinner we had some sauna/snow swimming competition -> First warm up in sauna... then at 10pm the competition started... 'swim' 15 meters through deep snow and be the first to reach the wall of the cottage on the other side. MOAN.. it was a team competition... 3 teams or so didn't show up.. anyways. I won the race TO the wall... I was jumping and cheering.. and then I heard someone yelling "GO BACK GO BACK" and I saw everyone racing back already. AARGH!! It was for bonus points, but still. darn it! Anyways, got second there.. after starting like.. in 6th position orso. No idea. I was kinda freezing up there (well not really, it was actually quite warm.. thanks to sauna beforehand.. but still. my feet were freezing). After that everyone ran straight into sauna. hahaha...

Friday one group went to the Amethyst mines and the other group went on a snowmobile safari. Whoo, man, those things rock! Totally rock! Top speed of 85km/h, but the limit wasn't reached just yet.. Just couldn't reach top-speed because we were with sitting with the two of us on one machine.

Friday night was Wild Wild West party... great party smile Everyone got just a little bit too drunk there. Hahaha, first the idea was to go to Pyhä for a 'real' WWW party, but then it turned out to be € 10 entrance fee's and taxi money NOT included.. so the IAC decided to hold the party in the cottage. Which was goooooooooood.

Saturday everyone was quite wasted/tired/etc... and we went down hilling again, this time in Luosto. Took it really easy and slowly.

In the evening everyone was so wasted, we just packed our stuff and watched some video of the past events, tried to finish my bacardi with cola-mixing... eventually went to bed round 4am to wake up 3 hours later.. rush into breakfast, clean up the room, last minute small-things-stuffing-into-big-bag. Packing up my snowboard gear and cleaning up the place.

We had to rush too, because during breakfast a spanish girl spilled some boiling water on her leg... so emergency room in Rovaniemi (still one and half hours drive away :/ ) was ahead of us. Seems the burn was ok, picked up some salve I guess and of we went on our way home to Turku.

Arrived some 18 hours later orso in Turku, after visiting a huge snow castle in Kemi. Nice nice!! had some loads of fun there with the french guys. gheheh..

Well, hope to develop the pictures soon. The week went so fast and we were all so wasted in the end. Spent most of the monday sleeping and missing my alarm clock by a wide margin. Oh well.

Moi moikka!

-- cavey



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