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Tue 18/03/2003, 21:13 CET
hello, a small sign of life again.

I have been a bit quiet again.. ah well, what else is new? Don't really have that much to say actually.

My parents payed me a short visit. They arrived last friday morning by boat from Stockholm. I already had a reservation made for them in the Seurahoune Hotel in Turku. Then I had to jet back to work again. They spent the whole day walking around Turku in the sunshine. It was such a lovely day last friday. It has been lovely weather throughout the whole weekend actually huge grin They later on checked into the hotel, because at 8.30 in the morning there was no room available yet. Oops :-\

In the evening we had dinner in the hotel and then I went to T for the night.

Saturday we went to the castle of Turku and me and my dad took 2 tickets for the museum. Wow.. it took like, 2 hours I think to just walk through all the rooms and passageways within the Medieval part of the castle! Amazing tapestries, rooms, ballrooms, festivity rooms, a church, a chapel, guestrooms, dressing rooms... the full works. Even an overview of the history of the castle pictured by maquettes. Really really amazing and time consuming!

But the walk wasn't over yet, oh no... we still had to walk through all the 37 rooms of the 'newer' part of the castle. But we only had 45 minutes left for that... but that part wasn't that interesting at all as it turned out to be. Some nice costumes and a bit of a huge kitchen, some dungeons but hmm... a bit disappointing compared with the medieval part of the castle.

After that we took a small picnic along side the Aurajoki... squinting all the way because of the low sun. Headed back to the hotel and then sat down for dinner again in the hotel's restaurant. I was a bit pressed for time... and the cooks had to deal with a huge order by two parties.. so it took 45 minutes for our order to arrive and I had to be at a small party before 10pm and it was running close to that. Did make it though. Pfew.

Sunday was just a quiet day. My parents went to Ruissalo while I did my own stuff (writing up some details on my report).

Yesterday we went to do some shopping in Turku and Kauppakeskus Mylly. It was pretty ok huge grin The car was parked in the parkinglot of the Polytechnic of Turku.. very sneaky, but free parking huge grin Spent some time in Turku, my mom managed to buy these bidet showerheads... but probably she needs to get the right kind of watertap too. Just hope they sell those in Holland. Probably not ...
In Mylly we just walked around a bit, had a small snack in the Rico's express thingy. Just walked around a bit smile The Prisma there is very big! And I didn't know they sold that much stuff in a Prisma (It was also like, the first time that I was in a Prisma in general...).

Well, this morning my parents left for Helsinki. Taking along some clothes I'm not using anymore and my snow+skateboard. Furthermore some other heavy and bulky stuff is on its way home now. Saves me some packing+kilo's on the way home... That day is getting closer. 28th of March. Dreading that date... really dreading that date...

-- cavey



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