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Salo party party
Wed 26/03/2003, 10:22 CET
Hello there!

That was a pretty nice weekend. Took me some time to recover? Nah... just too lazy to update huge grin

Anyways, what has happened? Well, on Saturday there was M's farewell party (and he already leaves in may.. eh... yeah ok smile ) in Salo. It was very good. We, that's me, T, V and M arrived there round 8pm. Got a hearty welcome and there was plenty of food set out on the table. All home baked by M in the afternoon.. wowzers!!!

Drank alot, made some pictures ... then we moved on to this bar called Ipanema. Boy oh boy, did we misbehave there. Hehehe... it was great fun with everybody! Dnacing, cheering, some more drinks... we all got out at closing time.. but most of the group already left back to M's place before T, M and me got out.

There is a pizzeria across the street and as usual feeling a bit hungry at the end of a party night, we went there to order pizza huge grin

Pizza was good, the night was a bit short. Through T's friend M (there are a lot of M's here.. hehe), we managed to stay over at a friend's place of M. In the morning I got a phonecall from my tutor that he was finally awake, feeling terrible, looking good and he missed his frist floorball game. Haha. Anywayz, we went with M to see his second floorball game of the day. Afterthat we drove back to Turku.. arrived round 4 in the afternoon.. everyone pretty much dead tired...

Yeah, was a great party!

On a side note.. pictures from the Lapland trip have arrived!!!! Will put them online asap.. but probably not before Friday ...

-- cavey



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