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Mon 31/03/2003, 20:11 CEST
Right, feeling a bit better now smile At least not bursting into tears every other minute. (Thank you E for your kind words in one of the comments)

SOOOOOOOOO, what have I got in store for you guys? Well, first of all, the lapland after party / combined farewell party.

That happened last week wednesday, on the 26th of March. It was kinda emotional, especially with a lot of people asking about how I was feeling, leaving Finland, leaving T behind. Managed to steer away from those questions quite fast "It's party time, come on people, don't get me down already! Not gone yet... let's party".

Well, it all started in the Auditorium of the Lemminkaisenkatu section of the Polytechnic of Turku where we watched the video made from footage shot during the Lapland trip beginning of March.

The movie was good, no, it was great! Some great moments, great memories. Too bad some footage got lost during bad weather (water got into some tapes destroying some parts... too bad, too bad). After that we all took the bus to the party place in Ravattula. No-one had an idea where it was supposed to be actually. Heheh, we just knew that we had to take the Inter-regional bus from Turku to Lieto and get of at some point.

Well, we managed to get there. There was a huge K-citymarket too. Glad the supermarkets all open till 9pm, cause I ran out of beer. First things first, we (M, L, M, T and me) went to get something from the supermarket and then went back to the party place. It was very nice! Nice common room, nice fireplace, swimming pool (with very cold water), sauna, dressing room, showers (duh) and.... last but not least... a bubblebath! Unfortunately.. the bath didn't work. But that didn't stop people from just sitting in the bath. Hahaha, at one point there were like, 10 naked people in the bath or something? All piled on top of each other. Pictures were taken, I wonder by who... Should get some copies of that.

The sauna was great, swimming pool was.. hmmm. quite chilly, but after a couple of seconds it was quite ok. The whole party was just great, people seemed to love the "latino beats" compilation-cd I brought along huge grin and some NYLON BEAT! W00T.

I got some nice little presents from a lot of people. I especially liked the card I got from the whole IAC team, signed by them and most other people who were there.

Kiitos paljon!! Missing you guys'n'girls too!!!!

We had to leave the place round 12am, there were some cabs waiting. Too many cabs and all with waiting money. We almost got into some troubles with a taxidriver. Sucks, but we survived. The party continued in Dynamo, where there was this international Latin-American dance party. It was quite ok. T (canadian guy) gave me a drink called "huge grinr. Pepper" and no, it's not that soda root-beer drink. Noooooooo.. let me try to explain huge grin

Get a big glass (0.4l should do fine)
Fill it halfway with:
1 part beer
1 part cola

Get a shotglass with Amaretto, talk some stuff about girls, drop the shotglass of Amaretto into the mixed-glass... gulp down in one go. AMAZING!!

Then the party was nearing its end (T and me got a bit tired...) so I started to say goodbye to everybody who was still there individually. Big mistake, brought loads of tears to my eyes. boy-o-boy, that was hard. When I came back to T, who was sitting in the corner, red eyed.. I couldn't fight back my tears any longer. Just sat there for a while, managed to dry up my tears and move along again, while getting our coats I saw F again, said goodbye again.. and boohoo, oh shit man... I was glad to get our coats and virtually ran back to T. Then we took a cab to her place and slept the night away.

Everybody was quite wasted the following day huge grin Called my tutor, because I still had to move out of my room.. turned out he was staying overnight in the same area as that I was. Hahaha fun times smile

T went to classes in the afternoon while me and M did my final moving out. Felt strange to leave my room empty and locked. Hand in the key, get my trainticket to Helsinki for Friday morning, hand in the keys for the place where I used to work for like, a little over 5 months, hand in the starter-kit I borrowed from TurkuAMK... Had my last breakfast at Hesburger, last dinner at the pizzeria "Crazy Horse" on the corner of Itäinen Pitkäkatu and Kaskenkatu. Got dropped of at T's place before we headed out to one final session of Floorball.

After floorball we dropped of my bags at T's place and headed out to Erik's Bar for some last drinks with most of the people. Sigh... it was quite... emotional. Very emotional.

Friday morning, managed to stay quite cool *cough* in the bus, but everytime I looked at T, tears started to come. Didn't want that ... yet... not in the bus. She walked me to the station, then sat in the train with me till Kupittaa... There we were both with tears in our eyes. I had tears all the way till Helsinki. Managed to get rid of them for a while, then I got an sms from K "..Hope you're not crying all the time.." .. AAAAAAAAAAARgh, wasn't but now I am.

Shit happens eh? Well, in the plane it was quite ok too, but after the first snack I closed my eyes and thought of T... well, tears again.

E greeted me at Schiphol airport. First thing I almost did was. well.. Cry... "Heya G! How are you?" "Aargh, e, just shut up about it for a second ok?". Next thing I did was go for a whopper. Aaaaaaaaaah, missed those. Glad E. was with me on the traintrip back home. My dad picked us up and E joined us for dinner. When I saw my mom, I gave her a big hug and hmmm, well... couldn't keep my cool. Yes, tears again.

Man, this was some emotional day for me. Not only for me, for T too I guess. Sigh. Saturday was quite ok.. had some tear moments too, but not as severe as Friday. Now I still have them.. everynow and then. Like just now, while typing this all up.

But I'll survive.. I mean, just 11 more weeks till I see her again.

Cheerios people! Gotta do my taxes tonight!!

-- cavey



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