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taxes and other stuff
Wed 02/04/2003, 16:53 CEST
Well, I wrote a huge piece yesterday and then my X session simply froze. Couldn't type or use any other form of input. SOoooooooo, that story is lost forever.

But, I'll try to recap it here again smile

Well, I managed to do my taxes, finally. wheeee, just in time I think. Thanks to the internet, I sent the stuff via the wire like, 5 minutes before midnight.

Other stuff, well, I've been walking through my home town a bit these past couple of days. Some things have changed, not all to the better though. Apparently "the Nighttrain" got closed down a couple of months ago because of a shooting incident. Yeah! It's very safe here huge grin But unfortunately, most of the residents moved to the adjoining bar-dancing "Schuttershof Cafe" and kinda changed the mood there. My friends though, they say that it was very fun the other time, so maybe I just had some bad luck. Maybe I also didn't enjoy it that much because the music wasn't really that good and the crowd was pretty boring. Mix in some tiredness and well, recipe for being bored eh?

Well, did manage to dance to some songs... when I closed my eyes I could almost see her dancing in front of me, could feel her pulling on my clothes. Then I had to watch out not to bump into anyone. Oh well.

More changes in my hometown, well, I read somewhere that pizzeria's were complaining about there being too many pizzeria's in town. Who carez huge grin hehe, but actually one close by my place closed down already because of that. Just no business anymore frown

Oh well, not much else to say. A bit busy with cleaning up my messy administration. It's huuuuuuuuge. But well, just need to wade and weed through it. It's for a better cause anyways.

moi moi!

-- cavey



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