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new and improved?
Tue 08/04/2003, 14:48 CEST

Well, that's been some days gone. Think I'll backup my database just in case huge grin

Anyways, alot of stuff has happened, was kinda depressed whole of last week... Went to a drum'n'bass party which was fckn wckd*, had a lousy sunday and a terrible monday.

Well, I'll just bring the latest news first.. I'm single again. Sigh... T and me broke up. Was tough for me yesterday, but in a way I saw it coming.. but still, the shock. But for some strange reason I'm recovering rather fast. But then again, I've been talking alot with close friends about the whole situation. Venting my heart and mind. Wrote long emails to T, that really helped. Thankfully she doesn't drop me like a stone. pfew. Well, just friends now. See how that turns out.

Moro moro!

-- cavey



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