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random activities
Mon 14/04/2003, 12:34 CEST

I don't really know anymore what to write down.

Went clubbing last friday with some friends. It was quite ok, not really thrilling, although I did have some fun in "Schuttershof", had some Turkish Pizza. Pretty good stuff, plenty of garlic sauce vork huge grin

Went to this club "The Opera" after the Turkish shoarma pizza, but that place was a bit boring and well, too much garlic sauce too. Went home and slept the night away....

Saturday I picked up some copies of pictures I had made, and met up with B to hang a bit in the sun on the terras of some pub. Pretty good weather it was. Had to get some cash first though, and some girl yelled "HELLO" to me. She looked vaguely familiar, but couldn't quite pin-point from where, so I just shrugged, smiled back and walked on.

Yesterday did some skateboarding. Still able to do the ollie, w00t -even after 5 months-, it's getting easier and easier. In a short while I'll try to jump on and off raised sidewalks... then move on to bigger things!!

Now, busy with some differential equations. Sucks big time frown

-- cavey



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