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end of easter weekend
Tue 22/04/2003, 11:46 CEST

that was a pretty relaxed laid back weekend.

Could of course tell you grand stories about my escapades this weekend, but well, truth to be told, I didn't do much at all.

Went out on Saturday, drank some beer with my friends, saw some old acquaintances, ate some shoarma on the way home, fell asleep, woke up way too early, but well, had to. Easter breakfast with my parents smile

Arrived there empty stomached, rather groggy, not feeling all too super at all, but nothing a good greasy fried egg can solve! Whee huge grin

Sunday afternoon went to town again to sit in the smokey sun and enjoy some whitebeer and a tosti. Was nice weather, a bit windy though. Had plenty of laughs though huge grin hahaha, we were just joking around making weird sentences which needed a specific word in it. Didn't metter where the word would be, as long as you could clearly make it out. Cried from laughter.. huge grin

That about concludes my weekend, not very active.

Oh yeah, my visit to the dentist went very ok! Finally got rid of those nasty marks on my teeth, but since my teeth are a bit rough, I need to keep good care of those spots so they won't get discoloured again by say... salmiakki vork

Almost lunch time, pfew, moi moikka!

-- cavey



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