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it's back!
Sat 03/05/2003, 14:37 CEST
Yes! Finally, after a week orso without my trusty databass access, it's back again. Meaning my normal homepage (this one, as opposed to the old one.

Well, to get you readers a bit up to steam, not much has happened since that easter weekend wink

I waxed my sisters snowboard, thinking she would be going on a last minute trip to Val Thorens, but well, in the end she didn't. At least she has a waxed board now puh2

Ok ok, went to T's birthday party friday the 25th. Had a really nice dinner at Eetcafe Luniz in Delft. The spareribs were really really good vork Too bad the waitress forgot to bring the little customary bowl of water with a piece of lemon to clean the hands.

After dinner we went to T's place to continue the party. Was pretty fun, plenty of beer and whiskey, good talks. Had time to show the pictures I took during my stay in Finland, but the party sort of dissolved round 2 in the morning. Ah well. I packed my stuff and went along with I. to stay at his place for the night. Woke up rather earlier than I wanted to frown

Took the train home and went to meet E. after dinner. Came all the way from Nijmegen to have some fun out in Middelburg. Was a great night out. Talking alot again about our experiences in Finland, missed those talks, so it was really good. We did some drinking, met up with some friends in this dancing place and moved on to another place. But that was kinda boring, I went to check the upper floor for a bit, when I got back down again the guys we were with were gone in a way. Bit boring, so well, we just grabbed our coats to and headed back home...

-- cavey



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