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Sat 03/05/2003, 14:50 CEST
Well, as you all probably know, the 30th of April is the traditional Queens birthday celebration day, in short "Queensday" (Ok, for Finnish people it's the start of the Vappu celebrations, sometimes on the 29th already wink ).

For the first time in my life, in a way, I went out on the 29th, this day has become known as "Queensnight" and plenty of parties plannend all across the country. Before I went there though, I had a job interview in the morning. Got up rather early, didn't feel rested at all (maybe I shouldn't have read Harry Potter in one go the night before that night), but not too nervous. Interview went quite ok to my idea, but I gave some stupid -in retrospect- answers. Ah well, it was my first real job interview.

Anyways, after that it was just a day of relaxing a bit, preparing for the evening: Drum'n'bass in Nighttown. It was the night for "Major League part 2" with a heavy line-up: Nookie, High Contrast, Peshay, Dillinja, Black Sun Empire. The big names/producers. Support by Harsh, Flannagan, Brekbit, System D and Pamb. Maybe I missed a dj there, but ah well ehmz. Was a great night. Met a lot of people from whom I've been in contact with on a regular basis since October last year. Was really nice to be able to finally meet most of the people from the forum huge grin

The tune selection was great, had a really exhausting night. First train home kinda sucked though, gladly the party ended at 6am, so the wait was reasonably short huge grin Came home 9 in the morning, took my time reading the paper, taking a shower and finally heading to bed... to wake up 3 hours later frown Then I just made some breakfast/lunch, fried egg vork vork and was dead for the rest of the day.

Haven't done really much since then. It's weekend now, fixed/moved my database so my weblog is online again.. that's about it. Still making typo's everynow and then, I should really update my backend smile

-- cavey



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