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some night
Sun 04/05/2003, 18:50 CEST

some night last night. Had to rush things a bit, was cleaning out my closet most of the day, so had to stash everything away (boohoo, my collection of comics behind the closet doors now... ah well, wasn't reading them anyways, should index them ... and i'm trailing off again) to be able to catch the train in time. Well, decided against the train and went by bike. So much better huge grin Weather was great anyways, so well. Ok, so what did I do last night?

Saw the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels with B, what a great movie! Haha, won't tell you what it was about though. Just go and see for yourself.
After the movie we went to meet some friends in town, luckily we caught them before they went into the pub.. I was a bit in a crazy mood, so we went to most of the "wrong" bars in town. Not really wrong bars, but just bars we tend to avoid during our weekend escapades. Had some beers there, quite boring in Brooklyn, so we moved on to Schuttershof, but we couldn't get inside because one of us was under the age of 21. Pfwah, stupid bouncers, I see people inside that place who barely reach 17. Blergh.
So well, out of solidarity we went to some other place, played a couple of games of pool in "huge grine Weerlt" and headed over to "huge grine Malle Molen". Had some more beers there (wow, lot of beers puh2) then moved on to "Cafe Nationaal". Have never been there before, but it was already rather empty (we're now living round 2am... so not that surprising huge grin). Feeling quite hungry, we went for some shoarma (beats the crap out of the Finnish kebab wink) and then decided what else we could do.

In a way we started to go home, and then decided we should go to "de Hooizolder". Been almost 7 years ago since I had been there. Felt rather old, good thing I had my earplugs with me, sound systems are so loud in dutch disco's. After about one and half hour there we went back home. Felt a bit woozy and I immediately crashed in my bed. That must have been round 4am.

Woke up because someone sent me an sms and my phone was still in loud-mouth-party-mode.. urf. Hope you get that ant problem solved soon T!! vork

Went to sit on the terras of a pub this afternoon, I think I got a mild sunburn.. not too sure yet. Will see tomorrow, at least my arms have improved their colouring huge grin

-- cavey



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