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little kids, baby's in particular
Sun 11/05/2003, 14:01 CEST
Well, today is Mothers Day, and as it just so happens also the birthday of my dad. Anyways, during breakfast we had a visitor, my dad's brother with his little son, my youngest nephew smile

Hadn't seen J. before and to be honoust not quite sure when he was born, I have this feeling he was born just before I left for Finland. Anyways, it was really nice to finally see the little bugger, but what amazed me the most and made me feel a little bit embarrassed, was to see how grown ups turned into big kids when there's a baby around.

I wonder how I will be later when I have kids.. will I be an even bigger child then? I'm already quite childish under certain conditions huge grin like some of my friends know. Hehe, that's just me. But will I become even more childish? coo-ing around etc? Who knows, strange to think about that.

-- cavey



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