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Still alive
Thu 12/06/2003, 18:04 CEST
Yes! I'm still alive... hehe, you wouldn't say so, with the eh, infrequent amount of updates.

So, what have I been up to these past couple of weeks?

Had a nice little barbecue party in Nijmegen on the 15th of May. It was a bit quiet though at the party, bad PR probably, at least that's what E. kept saying to me, well, too bad. I did have plenty of fun though smile Afterwards we went to some disco... but it was too quiet there (or we were there too early, whatever) so we left to the bar where the bbq-after-party-sort-of-thingie was going on. I was sooooooo happy that I had bought a pair of ear-plugs in Breda that afternoon... because the music in "huge grine Drie Gezusters" was TOOOOOOOOOO darn loud.

Was really fun there! Too bad I had this nasty pain in my left leg, think I overstretched a muscle in the morning on my way to the trainstation, but oh well. Anyways, I was standing there in "huge grine Drie Gezusters" with E, and after a while we started walking around a bit. I got stuck in a small traffic jam and all of a sudden this portuguese girl starts talking to me, she introduced herself and her girlfriends..... one happened to come all the way from Finland as an exchange student! Wooooooohooooooo!! Well, I just had to start talking with her. After a while E. came to check up on me and I said to E: Dude, this girl's from Finland... from a place close to Jyväskylä (I think it was Pieksämäki or smth). So he started to talk some finnish with her. I continued talking with the portuguese girls.

Round 2am the 3 girls left, E. left his phone number with the Finnish girl and we walked on to some other section of "huge grine Drie Gezusters".

We rolled outside round 4 and actually managed to get inside some other bar next door, which supposedly was illegal, because according to some local law of Nijmegen, no one is allowed inside a pub after 3am. To sorta keep order in town. Oh well, we stayed there till 5 and then headed back to E's place. Crashed big time.... only to wake up because one of E's flatmates walks around the place like some kinda elephant. DAMN, she makes ALOTTA noise.... with those darn high heels *clickety clickety click*. Deafening and incomprehensible... WHY did she have to trample around like some elephant?! I guess the fact that the staircase was made out of wood... and the floors too didn't really help with the sound reduction. Such a racket somewhere round 9.30 in the morning..... aaaaaargh. Glad she finally left the building round 11am. But sleep had totally fled me.

So, after freshing up E. took me along to the rooftop and we walked all the way to some otherside of the buildingblock... over the rooftops. Hahaha, we were not feeling tooooo good after that rough night of a bit too much to drink and a wee bit of sleep. But such a nice view over the city of Nijmegen!

Well, after that we went to get some breakfast at the McD and then I took the train back home. By then I was really limping around. I wanted to go to a drum'n'bass evening from the fckn wckd* crew, but I just couldn't walk anymore.

Well, so much for now.. still more to come though huge grin

-- cavey



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