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Oon suomessa!!!
Fri 04/07/2003, 16:24 CEST
Yes yes!

I have arrived in Finland, safe and not really sound (on the mental side.. but that's my problem, not yours.. so shoo.. get away from there).

The train trip was quite nice, although the scenery between Holland and Denmark was quite.. unremarkable.. So we played some card game all the way between Hamburg and Copenhagen.

In Copenhagen we switched trains to Malmö... and from there we went to Stockholm by night train.. Night had set in already in Sweden by that time... (23.00). In Malmö actually some small girl walked up to me and asked whether she could juggle with the 3 small balls I was juggling around with.. (well, you have to do SOMETHING while waiting for the train, no? huge grin )

So that was quite fun, she came from Roskjilde festival with her parents, so that was some timing... luckily I booked the trains like, one week in advance (not that much, considering in retrospect with the coincidence of Roskjilde festival).. didn't sleep to good though in the train, kept worrying about all the papers (tickets, passports.. that kinda stuff.. the valuables).

Arrived in Stockholm rather tired. There M and T were waiting for us already. They came from Turku by boat and were there already since like, well.. ages.. because our train had 1.5 hours delay due to engine problems.

It was, weird and awkward to see T again. That's all about that here.

The days in Stockholm were quite nice. Loads of shopping biggrin grey days though, but that didn't matter that much. It stayed dry most of the time huge grin

The boattrip was rather uneventfull.. very windy, and the day started out really grey in Stockholm, but near Marienhamn the sky started to clear up and the sundeck was sunny again... very windy.. very windy.

And now, arrived yesterday evening in Turku, and had my first sauna since 3 months again. WOOOOOOOOOOOW that's just soooooooo good!
And the light... man, we were still sitting outside at midnight! and it wasn't near getting dark yet (ok, maybe it was, but well eh... it was still rather light out there)

anyways, gotta dash now.

later all!!

-- cavey



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