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tallinn & sdmf 2003
Sun 13/07/2003, 12:16 CEST
Hello people!

Hanging out in Tallinn since Saturday. Went to Helsinki on Friday evening and met up with E and T and some of T's friends there. Had some good fun huge grin Later on in the evening (or night more likely) I met up with C from Helsinki and we had a drink in some bar called "We got beef".. Looked like a pretty normal place after spending some hours in "Lost and Found". hehe. Actually saw a Finnish celebrity in that "We got beef" bar. One of the guitar players from "Scandinavian Music Group".

After that drink we said goodbye to E and T and C and me took a cab to Espoo.

Boat trip to Tallinn was pretty cool, while waiting for our boat to start boarding, C got a message from J, that he was at the wrong terminal. Hehe.. pretty messed up, but he made it anwyays in time to the boat, so that's cool.

In Tallinn E and me got picked up by K and T. They took us by car to their place, where we had to wait a bit for K's piano to arrive. Helped her with taking it upstairs (luckily just 1 flight of stairs... pfwah, plenty hands make hard work less hard huge grin)

After that we went out into the old town of Tallinn and got a nice guided tour through some nice parts of town. Later on in the day, round dinner time, me got company from T, whom E and me met last year at T's pikku joulu party (get's confusing all the letters? wink), so that was really nice to see her too again.

After dinner we took of for the "actual business": Summer Dance Music Festival 2003!!!

That's it for now..... was really fun, and tiring. SOoooooooo tiring. Sigh.

-- cavey



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