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Sun 17/08/2003, 22:52 CEST

yeah, so welcome back again!

Been some hecktic weeks. Did way too much, I thought I would update a bit more during my travelling through scandinavia with E, but hmm, well, nope...

So, short recap I guess.

30th of June I left and blablabla... anyways, 4th of August, I went to Muumimaailma together with E and T, was very nice. A bit hot though... pfwah, steaming frown And the sugar overdose was fun too. hahaha, everything was green. Hattara it's called, but in common english it's cotton candy huge grin

That friday evening I also went to E's housewarming party. Was a very nice party, bit too much drink though.. ahem. Due to circumstances I ended up staying over at E's place, was a bit cramped there :/ Next day, I went back to M's place round 10, was a bit in need of a shower and fresh clothes and well, just to get ready for Ruisrock. E and me brought T to the busstation and after the bus left E and me headed out to Kauppatori to catch the bus to Ruisrock. Nylon Beat (my favourite band puh2 ) started playing at 1400, but we weren't there then yet. Sniff. I did hear Viimeinen though, while waiting in line to get onto the party terrain.

After we got in, a bit after 3pm, we went looking for A. We found her allright, at the podium where Kwan was performing. Was pretty cool to hear and see Kwan again. After meeting up (A jumped E and they both fell over, too bad I don't have a picture of that) we started wandering around the area a bit and tried to find M. Found him with T a bit later near the main stage.

So, heard and saw a lot of bands, let's see if I can still remember the names:
- Nylon Beat (ok ok, just heard them while waiting to get in)
- Kwan
- Sweatmaster
- Don Huonot
- Scandinavian Music Group
- Stratovarius
- Apulanta
- Hellacopters
- Lordi (aaaaaaaargh)
- Him
- Don Johnson Big Band
- Flint (Keith Flint, from Prodigy fame)
- 69 eyes

Think that about wraps it up for Ruisrock huge grin The bands at least.

Got back to M's place round 3 in the morning, I was soooooooo wasteddddddddd.

Sunday M and me went for some mini golf in Student Village. It was pretty fun smile I sucked big time. Lost by about 20 shots.. although I had like, 4 hole in ones (ahem, on the last turn.. so after missing 7 times... I get the hole in one on the 8th try... how's that for ultimate golfer? clown )
Not quite sure anymore what I did on monday, probably not much. Just wandering around town a bit. Perhaps some skateboarding. I think I also went for a drink with A, M and E on sunday in Erik's, but that's a bit fuzzy now (that's what you get when you don't write your activities down right away, but only like, after 1.5 months).

Well, so much for the Turku bit, because on tuesday I went to Tampere together with M to meet K.

-- cavey



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