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presidential crisis in african countries
Wed 20/08/2003, 11:53 CEST

It strikes me as odd:

"Hello, I am <insert name here>, son/daughter of the late president of <insert random African country> ....

... budget blabla .. excess of <insert huge multi-million dollar amount>..."

Those famed spam mails.

a) they have so much money due to overbudgetting etc etc, can't they just re-invest it in their own countries? Seeing as those countries are rather poor by western standards and in dire need of good help?

b) Don't they have an institutional crisis by now? Been getting these mails alot lately, it's like, 20 presidents of one country are dead in 2 weeks time... quite a huge turn-over.

I know I know, it's spam, but well hey... just wanted to share these thoughts clown

Just odd smile

-- cavey



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