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Tue 02/09/2003, 14:10 CEST

now I had a great start of the day today. That a simple thing like a good song can really kick my day into higher gear. So what that it's raining, so what that I have to bike through that rain. So what I'll end up soaking wet at work...

The Rasmus - In the Shadows is the new "3FM Megahit" for this week. YES! Finally, a long standing wish (like, ever since I heard that song in Finland) has come true! And then to think of it I was thinking of sending it to one of the more experimental dj's on that station to plug it a bit.. don't have to do that anymore.

Weehaa, only took the Netherlands (and probably the record company) to figure out that we're ready for that kinda music. Hehe.


oh yeah, the 3FM Megahit is this thing, each week a new song will receive extra air time as being the next potential hit. Well, I sure hope they'll make it through. Yeah!!

a little happy cavey.

ps: yeah, I know, I still have to write some more about my holiday adventures, just so much to tell and so little time puh2

-- cavey



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