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holiday report part plenty
Sun 07/09/2003, 22:06 CEST

no inspiration at all to write things down, even though I know I should write them down. Great fun memories.

So let's see, where was I? Ruisrock, Tampere, Tallin, .. ah yeah, I remembered what I did on that monday after Ruisrock, went to have a drink with some friends on the boat Donna. Was nice to see L, M, K, H, J, H and J again. On the boat S passed by too. Yeah, was a good relaxing slow day.

So, after Tampere I went to Tallin and after Tallin went to Teuva. Hmm, well so much for those weeks.

Ah, the last weekend in Turku was so nice. Had some trouble making reservations for youth hostels in Copenhagen, but as it turned out later, the reservation went fine, but my email was not fine. Sigh.

So, last weekend in Turku, had a little party on friday evening at M's place. Not too many people showed up, but that didn't matter. It was supposed to be a kinda small party, so thanks to all of you who showed up for M's housewarming party (like, 8 months after he moved into the appartment orso, hehe) and E and mine small-farewell party. I got some nice little gifts, I especially liked the Muumi Peikko card from A. Was just so nice. Ah, and the homemade card from T, with a little poem in dutch! Really appreciate that.

Made some Salmiakki-koskenkorve with vodka I bought in Estonia and the Tyrkisk Peber I still had. Wow, that salmiakki-kossu was mean! Finished the rest of the vodka with some Fanta... Round twelve I think, or probably later? We started walking towards the city center for some more partying. Ended up with the group splitting in two, one group going to Kino, the other group going to Amarillo. Maybe we all could have gone to Marilyn, ah well. I decided to go to Amarillo with H for just one beer. Wound up staying there till closing time with M and T. Later on the rest of the people from Kino joined us. Yeah, was nice smile

On the way to the Hesburger down on Eerikinkatu I needed to test the breaks of A's bike, for some strange reason... gave the group a good laugh. I had to laugh myself too. Hehehe. The bumps have healed just fine guys!

On saturday M and me went to Mylly for some last minute shopping and breakfast at McD's on the way to Raisio, where we were going to pick up M's sister R and the funky dog V for a trip to Nauvo, part of the Archipelago of Finland.

Was a great weekend, too many mosquitos though. Did loads of swimming, diving from the stern of "The Lady Banana". V jumped into the water plenty of times too. Grilling sausages and corn on the barbecue, having sauna in a real sauna, fueled with wood, ah, that was really great!

On sunday it was M's grandfather's birthday, so plenty of family arrived by boats. Was nice, was great that they allowed me to come along with M too. So I paid my respects by cooking the lunch for the family together with M. That was some great wok dish we put together! Again next year? huge grin

Saw A, E and M one more time in Erik's on Sunday evening. Gave A's pictures back from Ruisrock and was feeling a bit sad that my stay in Finland was drawing to an end again.

Did some book shopping with E on monday before I had to get my stuff ready for the nightboat to Stockholm, where E was already "waiting" since Saturday. He travelled ahead. hehe.

Kiitos ihanasta kesälomasta Suomessa \o/

-- cavey



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