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Tue 07/10/2003, 23:05 CEST
Hi there!
Almost one month has passed since my last update. Two months since we got back from the holiday trip. Ahem. I've been busy ok?

SOOOOO, what's been up then? Plenty and alot and I've been putting a lot of 'juicy' stories on hold because I just had no inspiration. Still have none, but who cares.

I'll bore you readers a bit with some more fun stories about E and me our holiday trip to Scandinavia. Actually forgot some things in my stories, like that I saw plenty of friends on the monday after Ruisrock on the boat 'Donna', down by the laituri... that I visited the bike museum in Teuva (whaaaa, we had so much fun riding around on that really old tandem-bike.. and that big wooden bike with huge wooden frontwheel! I couldn't get 1 meter out of it puh2). Also got a nice little wooden card from the bikemuseum. Saw the burnt down church of Teuva, visited the new church of Teuva. Went to T's old highschool to pick up some stuff needed at L-O, helped out in the household a littlebit, did some 'making up the bed' stuff. Well, been busy anyways in Teuva huge grin

So, yes, ok, where was I? Yeah, nightboat to Stockholm! Oh yeah, that was some great partyboat! Woopieeeeeee, not. Boat was fully booked, had no cheapo cabin left.. Just some 'lounge area' with money machines right outside making helluva noise till too early in the morning. or night, well, I was tired anyways smile Just had an exhausting weekend in the archipelago behind me. Btw, it was fully booked with families. No fun at all. Buncha kids running around "wheeeeeeeee haaaaaaaa whoeeeiiiiiii noooooisssssseeeeee".

Got some angry faces because I was hanging on the phone rather long with K. Hehe, thanks for calling me on the boat. Was an interesting talk we had. Hope to hear from you soon again K! Anyways, so just trying to relax a bit. Put most of my important stuff away in a locker till next I would need it next morning. Couldn't sleep that well. Was shivering a bit in the airco. Walked around a bit. Nothing happening in the disco, bar, pubs, restaurants, shops. Nowhere. Nada, zilch, niente. So I turned back to my seeting spot again. Still couldn't sleep, took a stroll out on deck. Heavy wind, empty sky... the islands zooming past me silently. Rather peacefull, but so COLD hehe.

Arrived in Stockholm next morning rather groggy. It was raining big time too, so I took the bus to the trainstation and was kinda hoping for E to be waiting there, but I was fearing the worst because of some sms I got from him that night. So, at the trainstation of Stockholm I was waiting with all my stuff. Tired, grumpy, cold, bored (I gave my juggling balls to T's lil brother J. He better use them proper!!) and not to forget hungry. At some point I recognized a girl who was with me on the boat. After 2 hours of waiting orso she sat next to me and asked whether I understood english. Hehe, yeah, I did. So we started talking. I was complaining about having to wait for E before we could go on our way to Göteborg, and our train was leaving in like, 3 more hours. and STILL no sign of E! Oh oh. Anyways, was fun talking with M, finally when E arrived we missed the train, so that sucked. M said she was waiting for her cousin coming by plane, but got news that she missed the right plane and would be coming at midnight :O So we sat around a bit longer at the station, but finally our next train to Gbg was leaving, so we said goodbye and exchanged emails.

The train was quite comfortable smile Although it was 'reservations only', E and me were there without reservation. But we encountered no problems. Arriving in Gbg our quest for a youth hostel started. Managed to find one with actually an empty spot for us! Booyaaaaaah! That was great. Had to wait a bit though to be sure that we had the room for our required two nights, but a little after 6pm we got the ok! Oh yeah!

Took a shower, hung around a bit in the area, I think I did some skateboarding too. Anyways, met some more backpackers and had a nice talk with 2 guys from Israel, 1 guy from Madrid and two ladies from Stavanger. Quite a mixed company. But I was rather flushed out from the boattrip/weekend/weeks in Finland and E wasn't that fit either. So after playing some cards we headed to our room, took a shower and dived into bed.

Next morning we had a good decent breakfast, I swiped some extra bread, coldcuts and greenery for lunch. While E and me were havin breakfast, the receptionist walked up to us and asked us "hey, you're backpackers right?" "eh yeah, why?" "Well, there's a reporter waiting downstairs looking for backpackers, to write an article about backpackers in Gbg. Do you mind cooperating?" "Well, eh, no? We have nothing to do anyways so, should be fine smile".

So, the reporter came upstairs to the breakfast room, me and E rather ungroomed, 'early' morning you know huge grin and started asking us questions, where we came from, what our plans were, how we ended up in Gbg, how did we know each other, school, friends, work etc. She also phoned to her editor I guess to ask about the photographer, and whether we would mind waiting for the photographer... Well no, no problem at all, only we still needed to fresh up first. Oh no! Don't do that, the photographer wants to take pictures of you straight from the start. uh-oh.

Well, was fun anyways. We rented some bikes, took a rather unorganized approach to getting into Gbg, saw quite many a good place. Although I think we kinda bored L. F, the photographer was having plenty of fun smile I actually think the article never ran, too bad. Couldn't find it in the Göteborgs-Posten. I want the pictures though. Hmm, ok smile

More later on, this is getting quite long already. Still have an evening program ahead for you, and a trip to Copenhagen!

Stay tuned huge grin

-- cavey



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