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Thu 23/10/2003, 23:48 CEST
The bike trip brought us a bit through the older city parts of Göteborg. Was a very nice trip, stood up on the hill of an old weaponry house, overlooking the harbour to protect against the Danish invaders.

The watch tower / weaponstorage was actually updated and upgraded by the Dutch people, who had more experience in fortifying bases. That was interesting to get to know! Took plenty of nice pictures up on the hill and through out the city. Should scan them and put them online sometime. Still have plenty to scan anyways huge grin

After E and me visited the inside of a church, which had some really amazingly nice glass-in-led window panes, we were guided to some broad street in Göteborg where F took some final pictures of E and me. Was really nice, having some fun in the sun with the bikes. Haha.

E and me took a short break then near the old water ways of Gbg, ate our lunch and then headed back into town a bit more. We just took to the road and starting biking through town, ending up in the middle of nowhere. Some suburb I guess. We were actually on our way to hmm, Universeum, but we just biked past. No time left at all and it started to rain a little bit. Not that nice. So on our trip through the university grounds, I now finally have some idea where Chalmers tekniska högskola is in this world, right down in Göteborg, we got into some pizza place and had nice dinner. After that we had to get back on our way to the youth hostel and freshen up a bit, for we were going out with D from Madrid and the two girls from Stavanger (hmm, can't come up with the names at the moment). We played some card game, which M. told me during our stay in Stockholm way in the beginning of the month. 3 blind cards, 3 open cards, 3 cards in hand and the rest on the table. Nice fast game.

We headed into town after a while to a popular place and I forgot the name already, have to look it up again. Think it was something with an A, like, Avantgarde or something along those lines. In the end we walked back to the youth hostel and said good nights. Was a pleasant evening. Nice bar/club, not that great music, but hey.. it's about the fun and the company eh? huge grin

-- cavey



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