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Göteborg pt. 2
Sun 26/10/2003, 00:07 CEST
So, we survived the night with quite a clear head.

Next morning we said goodbye to D and the two girls from Stavanger, they were on their back to Norway after having visited Apeldoorn, for a funny reason smile Anyways, E and me started packing up our stuff and checking out from the hostel, took some pictures, exchanged addresses and went on to the trainstation. Still had some time left before our train would go, so we took it slow.

Getting on the train was a bit of a problem though, it was completely full frown The conductor was so kind enough though to not kick us out of the train and let us sit in the pathway. So we just played some card games to kill time. Not really eventfull train trip to Copenhagen. So, after about 3 hours orso sitting in the train we crossed the border inte Denmark and arrived at Copenhagen Central Station. From there our quest for a youth hostel started. I had made some reservations for a hostel, but because of some email problems I did not read the confirmation untill after I got back home frown

After getting some information from the Tourist Information and armed with a piece of paper with some hostel addresses on it, we started with our trek through Copenhagen to find a hostel with some space. We finally managed to secure some beds for 3 persons (T would join us the nextday, friday) for the following 2 nights and 2 for the first night. It was the Sleep-In Green (good luck translating the page, hehe, otherwise just google for sleep-in green copenhagen.). It was quite ok, untill we got the bad news that the next might was in actual fact fully booked because of a Robbie Williams concert. GRRRR. There was just one bed available. So that complicated matters a bit. Had to make sure of 2 beds for 1 night the next day. But well, in the mean time E and me just enjoyed the place. Took some rest and while E was talking with some people at the reception, I couldn't help but over hear some people talking and I heard someone exclaim "Mitäääää?!?!" which clearly indicated to me that there were Finns in the dormitory smile So when one of the girls actually passed by, I just had to ask whether she was by any chance from Finland. We started talking, her sister joined in the conversation and E and me got invited to join them and a danish friend of their's in Tivoli. Famous park in Copenhagen.

When E got back from his talk he told about the Robbie Williams goof up and I introduced him to the girls. Afterwards E and me went for some dinner at some pizza shop, took a shower and headed over to Tivoli.

There A, A, P and S were already waiting for us, we were just about in time, so we all went inside the park (darn expensive) and enjoyed the scenery. It is quite beautifull there by night. Had some beer and talk, till we had to get out again. It started to rain a bit, which was a bit of a pity, as we weren't really prepared for rain (I mean, come on, the past few weeks it was scorchingly hot and dry all over the place). Result was that I got soaking wet in my thin summer shirt and we dived into a bar across the street of the hostel. Since I was all soaked up, S offered me her umbrella so I could rush over to the hostel and change into a dry shirt. I gladly accepted the offer and rushed over to put on a dry shirt. Back in the bar I took a nice cup of tea to warm up again. Afterwards it was time to sleep. Dead tired from a day of travelling and walking and sunshine.

-- cavey



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