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Tue 23/12/2003, 22:02 CET
Well, christmas is almost upon us.
Looking forward to it all smile

Once again, I've just been slacking up on my weblog. It's just not so interesting anymore to write about my life. Not that it's NOT interesting anymore, far from that. I'm just too busy with my work, so by the time I get home I'm flushed out.

Plenty of stuff happening during the weekends, but I hardly touch my computer then. Since I'm sitting in front of one about 40 hours a week anyways.

All excuses, but the fact remains that I hardly write anything new down here.

I can tell you though, that I'll be hopping over to Finland to spend the New Year's celebrations with my finnish friends. Looking forward to that smile And it has been snowing there the past couple of days. Ooh yeah! The fresh crisp air, the snow, the people, the country.... *dreamy look*

Well, I'll see whether I'll write up some stuff later, tomorrow, day after ... next week, next year.. who knows huge grin

-- cavey



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