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Happy New Year
Sun 04/01/2004, 17:07 CET
A tad bit late, and just a small update.

Want to wish you all a happy new year.

Suomeksi: Onnellista uutta vuotta ^_^

Been in Finland now for a week and right now I'm just so tired. Been doing so much stuff. Saw A, A, K, S and T in Helsinki 27th of december, went up to Jyväskylä on Sunday to see J. Long time friend through the illustrious c64. Those days huge grin

Went on to visit K in Tampere where I had some Schwarzwälder kirschtorte made by K and her friend A. Played some games at A's place with her brother and sister and boyfriend J. Was pretty nice time oh yeah huge grin

On tuesday we went to Tampere trainstation to pick up T and then drove on to Turku. Was good to see T again. Back in Turku we first dropped of T and then I got dropped of at M's place.

Even though I was a bit tired, I went and phoned up some people to have a drink in town, then I read some emails and got the ticket confirmation for my trip to hong kong. Booyaa!

So met some people in Erik Public House. Was nice biggrin But well, everybody was just too tired. Haha. So we left after one beer. Who were there? E, M, K, T and T. Nice little group and I was just so happy haha. Because of the hong kong ticket stuff. Yeah!

Next day was New Year's Eve day. Went into town to do some shopping. Wanted to find a Moomin necktie, but as it turned out: There was none to be found in Turku. At least not in the immediate city center. Even the moomin shop wasn't there anymore in Forum. Boohoo! Some people made inquiries to Muumimaailma, but they were closed for the rest of the week. The shop that is.. and it was in Naantali, so that was pretty out of the option too.

Ah well, finally settled for a bugs bunny tie with some help of K and T. Now why would I actually want to buy one? Because I left my taz manian devil tie at home. Oopsie. T left a bit earlier because she had to get ready for an early party so me and K went to City Market to meet up with M to do some last minute shopping for the moose-meat pizza (fresh home made! vork). After the shopping we came back to M's place and started making some Salmari and preparing the pizza toppings and pizza dough. Sauna was fired up too, so that was a pleasant start of the evening.

After some time in sauna J dropped by and at 7 K hopped in. After a while S came with some fireworks and then E and T arrived too. And last but not least, T arrived too. All in all, 8 people, not too bad I guess for lots of last minute calls and competing parties. We had fun anyways! Nice display of fireworks and hmmmmm... some people kinda suffered from the overdose of alcohol... I felt quite ok though in the morning. Even though I had to sleep on the floor because T had confiscated the couch and K had confiscated M's guestbed... my bed for the time being. *sigh*

Thursday was a day of relaxation in a way, didn't do that much. Went to Erik's once again to see some people and just talk a bit about new yearsday.

Friday was a good day too huge grin Saw S again! Yeah! Together with P and M we wandered around town a bit, in the evening I visited J and H. Was really good to see them too again. Had some bluecheese lasagna (Aurajuusto.. not really my favourite) and it was surprisingly good! (Surprising as in, I was quite surprised I could keep it inside because of my aversion to blue cheese and actually, it was DAMN good! Didn't notice the cheese at all huge grin).

Went out in the evening with K, K, S, T and T. Watched some Finnish Idols (aargh!) in Kipparin Tuoppi. Antti got voted out! Oh yeah. Next week is the finals. hmmm... Ah well, at least the finalists look better than those dutch finalists from last year. But I have a certain bias for finns. Hehehe.

After Idols we went to Dynamo and we (K and T) stayed there till something like 2 orso. Then we went outside, in the freezing cold (-17... w00t) and I went to get some cash. Went to see M in Börs together with T and met a friend of M named J. (confusing all those letters right?) We even went to Prima. Hahaha, it was totally deserted out there. Got home at 5 by taking a cab. It was too cold and I was too tired.

Now yesterday..... that was some day. M's alarm clock woke me up at 7:35 in the morning, how nice. Managed to shut the thing down and went to sleep again for some time, but not too long. Had to get up sort of early because of the ice hockey match I was planning to go to with some friends and because I was going to make some Lasagna after the match for T.

After a short nights sleep I felt oddly refreshed after a shower. But needed some food. Fried some eggs and then went on to mix some left over vodka with ED for during the hockey match. M eventually managed to finish it all haha.

The hockey match was just great! Went there with A, E (from france), I, K (both from Norway), M, T and V. It was TPS vs. Tappara(report in finnish), TPS won with 5 - 1. I especially liked the 4th goal by TPS... such a moment of inattention by a Tappara player... just gave a free path to a TPS player and masterfully finished off. Grin. Last goal was great too though, it just dropped in there. HARD. Hehehe... Yeah. Remember this line: TPS tekee kohta maalin! (TPS gonna score soon!) Which did happen indeed. Hehe. I was rather excited about it all, waving around with my TPS flag, annoying some Tappara fans. Hehe.

Anyways, after the match I started to doze off. Not that good. Went to M's place to pick up the stuff for the lasagna and then went over to T's place. It had changed a bit since R moved out, but otherwise.. hmm.. T's room hadn't changed much. Ah well. Could still find everything in the kitchen, been cooking there so much huge grin The lasagna turned out really good! After dinner we met up with some people.. first we wanted to go to Prima, but then news came "Nope sorry, we couldn't get into prima because of age limits, so heading out to Amarillo now. When you guys coming?" ... a bit later, when we were finally in the bus, T got a message from M that she just passed by A and V and that they didn't get into Amarillo either, so I sent a message to M: "what's going on man?". Turns out they couldn't get into Amarillo either, this time because of clothing code... no sneakers. WTF? That's new to me in that place... So they settled for Sokeri. Sokeri used to be Club 57, a club I vowed to not set foot in again unless I really had to (and I really had to go in there one time.. but that was my last time there anyways, somewhere beginning of February 2003). But hey, it's not 57 anymore.. so I can go in there hehe. Pretty funny place. Music wise a bit better, otherwise.. hmm still kinda the same people that go there I guess. Regouped with everybody, although the norwegian girls weren't there anymore. Guess they were tired orso, they had only just arrived to Finland, so quite understandable. Well, the party started out a bit dull for me. Wasn't quite at ease with myself and my thoughts. Today neither anyways... ah well, shit happens. Tried to have some fun by just going out dancing. Then M, T and E went upstairs with me to the techno section. Was pretty cool music so I started dancing when some girl approached me "wow you dance great! wow wow wow". Hmm ok, and you are? Was kinda hard to ignore though. Girl jumping in your face. Anyways, not quite sure, but all of a sudden M, T and E left for downstairs again and I just stayed behind a bit. M said something to me that they were going down.. a bit later, ah.. whatever. Was weird. I managed to detach myself from the girl whose name was M and went downstairs again to find myself in some bling-bling session from the DJ. Grrr... I don't really like bling-bling music that much.

Well, night went on, but at some point I lost all my energy. Happend to coincide with the time that T went home. Guess I'm not completely over her or something, or I was just really running out of energy and getting way too tired. Who knows. When I wanted to go home I checked out upstairs first.. was about to leave when M yelled to me "Hey Gerald!!". Heh, so I hang around a bit longer.. actually till the end. Got a ride home from A, M's friend.

Today went sledding with K, S, T and T. Just for 2 hours.. we all were so tired. Haha. M passed by too and gave us a ride back.

And now I'm out of story. Going to visit H this evening, tomorrow will be my last full day in Turku/Finland..... Tuesday flying back home again.

-- cavey



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